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Shot, shooter history

A shooter, or shot, is a small serving of spirits typically consumed quickly, often in a single gulp. A few stories erroneously associate the term “shot” with the Old West, where cowboys paid for whiskey by trading booze for bullets.

Craziest shots ever

Fully experience the wrath that is NICOLASHKA dessert drink + consume them in a certain order: Espresso powder, sugar, & lemon in your mouth. Drink shot of vodka, while keeping all else in your mouth. Chew up lemon, & swallow. Finish off with a second shot.

Extreme flasks

If you ever wanted to see extreme flasks (or extreme ANYTHING), you must go to Vegas, and you won't be disappointed! They have the biggest baddest containers, but none with the extreme quickness & accuracy of the QuickShot Flask.

Famous liquor containers

This will be modified as we move forward. And when we have time to take selfies with the stars. If you wish to contribute we may have those opportunities in the future. Maybe you can win your chance to receive a free Flask for the best image found!

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Consumption Techniques 66%
Spirit Pairing 50%
Where to Party 75%
Which Friend Gets Which Shot 60%

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