About Us

A Place to Relax.

Many have always wanted their own bar / pub, and this is one step closer to realizing that dream.

If you wish to have a drink, but don’t want to seem overzealous and seem like a lush, we would offer pearls of wisdom on how to be a better drinker.

Having a social drink is fun, and should be done in moderation. We believe it can be adventurous, and creative while still being safe and joining our fellow patron.

We would love for each client and customer to experience life as many fortunate have, with time away relaxing and having fun with family and friends. And a good stiff drink!

We are from the lovely province of Alberta, where we work hard, play hard, and love to win! Weather it be hockey, golf, or soccer, there is always time for sports, food & friends, and a pint to kick off our weekends. 

Calgary means so much to so many in oil & gas, and business in general, we love this city and province, and we think a lot of great individuals come here to build their dreams and have a great time doing it!


"Invest in your enjoyment, and nothing else matters”


"I love how pairing wine, is as important as pairing the right company”


"I'm here for the good times”


"I love my bosses”

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